Sights of Washington. An interesting trip to historical places

For more than 200 years, Washington has been the capital of the United States, it was founded in 1791 and named after the first president, George Washington. It is important to note that the city is an independent administrative unit and does not belong to the territory of any state.

There are many interesting nuances associated with the name of the city, since the state of Washington is located in the northern part of the USA, the capital was given another official name - District of Columbia. Local residents do not bother to pronounce long and complex names at all, they call the capital “D-C”.

The city is the main political and economic center of the country, it is here that the main government agencies, offices of large companies and the White House are located - one of the main symbols of the United States. The city is also interesting from a tourist point of view, every year hundreds of thousands of tourists come to admire its historical monuments, a huge number of museums and cultural centers operate in Washington.

Among the main features of Washington, it is worth noting its unique architectural appearance. The fact is that the construction of the city was planned, one of the first creators of its "architectural appearance" was Pierre Lansfan - a world famous engineer, urban planner and architect from France. The result of lengthy and controversial planning has become priceless architectural monuments of national importance, which can be seen in various parts of Washington.

Among the outstanding architectural monuments, it is worth noting the White House and the Capitol, as well as the beautiful Washington National Cathedral and the Lincoln Memorial. Fans of excursions and connoisseurs of architecture will certainly note the fact that monuments of various styles are presented in the city. One of the main symbols of the capital remains the National Mall (National Mall) - an incredibly beautiful park area, which is the location of the most significant architectural monuments and cultural centers.

Washington is a multinational city, a vacation in which will allow you to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of peoples of different countries of the world. One of the most colorful and attractive is Chinatown - the center of the best restaurants of Chinese cuisine, shops and other thematic institutions. It is worth noting that it was the eastern traditions that “took root” in Washington best of all, every year the incredibly beautiful and romantic National Sakura Festival is held here

It is dedicated to the momentous event that occurred in 1912. The mayor of Tokyo decided to present several sakura trees as a gift to the city. It was decided to plant them next to an artificial lake near the Washington Canal, since then trees every spring delight local residents and guests of the capital with their unique appearance. The festival is held in early April, as part of the holiday they organize interesting exhibitions on the culture of Japan. Part of the large-scale celebration is the traditional Smithsonian kite festival, with the National Alley remaining the permanent venue. Amazing architecture and rich historical heritage, a rich cultural program and an abundance of entertainment venues are just a few of the attractive features that make Washington irresistible in the eyes of modern tourists.

Washington is one of the best shopping cities in the world, with dozens of shopping centers and hundreds of boutiques. On the territory of the Georgetown area is the unique shopping district of Shops-at-Georgetown Park, where you can buy items of famous American brands. This quarter is especially popular with economical tourists, because here you can buy fairly high-quality fakes of branded items at reasonable prices. There are branded stores of well-known American brands, such as Bloomingdales and Macys, which often carry out lucrative promotions and sales.

Many go to Washington for the most modern electronics; Apple products can really be bought here much cheaper than in many European countries. Washington's most popular shopping malls are worth looking for near the White House and the Pentagon. They present the goods of the most upscale brands of the world, only wealthy travelers can make purchases in many shopping centers. The building of the central railway station also has an excellent shopping center, here you can buy a lot of inexpensive things and great souvenirs.