Excursion to the sights of Hollywood culture.

Hollywood is the world famous Los Angeles area, known today as the heart of the film industry. Initially, the territory of Hollywood was a ranch, over time, the main street created by the ranchers gradually filled with large houses, turning into a prosperous and prestigious residence. The owners began to engage in patronage activities, expanding the ranch territory and building churches, schools and libraries.

The first Hollywood film was shot in 1911 in the old tavern of the city. From that moment, the history of Hollywood as a city of the film industry began. A rapidly developing film industry, accompanied by the emergence of a large number of clubs, restaurants, banks and other organizations. The residential areas of the city were replaced by commercial buildings, the architecture of which followed the trends of that time - the desire for popularity, the buildings were created in a kind of playful style in combination with decorative elements.

Now, Hollywood is, in a sense, a film factory where numerous film studios are concentrated, film awards are presented and film festivals are held. This is the city in which the famous Walk of Fame is laid, where since 1960 names have been knocked out and stars laid to the best film actors.

There are many interesting cultural institutions in Hollywood, one of the most unusual is the Grauman's Chinese Theater. This is a historical cinema, the opening of which took place in 1927. It is attractive for its unusual appearance, and even in front of the cinema there is a curious square on which world celebrities leave fingerprints. For tourists, the cinema offers interesting excursions, during which you can look into its most secret corners, and also it hosts movie screenings around the clock, in the variety of which everyone can choose the right one for himself.

The symbolic object for the district is the HOLLYWOOD sign installed in the Hollywood Hills. It was installed back in 1923 and served as an advertisement. Many years later, this “temporary” advertisement was not reconstructed. Now excursions to this symbolic monument are not carried out, but travelers can choose several places from which it offers an excellent panoramic view. One of the most attractive observation platforms is located next to the Hollywood Reservoir, and the other is on Mulholland Drive.

A place that will be interesting to visit with the whole family is the Griffith Observatory. This is one of the few cultural institutions in Hollywood that you can visit for free, every day the observatory holds interesting events dedicated to astronomy and space. Another attractive feature of the observatory is that on its roof is the best observation deck in Hollywood.

All fans of Jim Morrison in Hollywood should definitely find the house in which the musician lived with Pamela Kurson for several years. This house is located on Rothdell Trail, it was built in 1922 and is an important historical attraction. Currently, the historic mansion is privately owned, so you should arrange a tour in advance.

In Hollywood, there is the world-famous Ripley Museum, which contains more than 300 incredible exhibits. Some of them are genuine, and some are fakes. Museum visitors decide for themselves which of the presented objects to believe in. It is important to note that it is not recommended to study the exhibits presented here to people with a weak mentality.

In addition to a large-scale sign, Hollywood is also a bright symbol of the Avenue of Stars, a walk along which will be interesting to all travelers. During a walk along the boulevard, you can see more than 2,000 shining bronze stars, on which the names of famous actors, musicians and television hosts are engraved. The list of interesting symbols of Hollywood does not end there; it is the birthplace of the famous C.C. Brown ”, which is still very popular among the sweet tooth. Hollywood does not cease to attract tourists with its unusual sights, and the region’s special atmosphere and the abundance of symbolic objects located on its territory make the vacation even more exciting.

Festivals at the Dream Factory are always a holiday to which the views of all the media are riveted, and this is no accident, because Hollywood has already become synonymous with the very “American dream”. First of all, when mentioning Hollywood, the brain recalls the most famous film festival of all time - in particular, the Oscars, or Academy Awards, the victory in which is guaranteed to honor the winner. The award ceremony takes place in late February or early March. Venue - Dolby theater. To be here at this time is the dream of all moviegoers, but most people manage to do it virtually when watching videos from the festival.

The second most important film festival after the Oscars is, of course, Golden Globe. Its time is January and the venue is The Beverly Hilton. Some consider this award a bit of a “rehearsal” for an Oscar, but it is worth noting that the Golden Globe is a self-contained and interesting festival, which visit (at least virtually) is no worse than attending Academy Awards. The award is considered an independent alternative to the above award, the nominees of both prizes in a particular genre are repeated, but this happens quite rarely.

Hollywood Film Festival is another great festival to visit which is the dream of all moviegoers. Here you can discover completely new facets in the cinema, because the purpose of the event is to bridge the gap between the famous Hollywood blockbusters and new films, just like to bridge the gap between those stars who have already achieved world fame and whose name is on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, and those who are just starting their way to this goal. Its time is October. The Hollywood Awards are held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel as part of the festival, honoring critically acclaimed nominees. Winning the nomination means a lot to those who are just starting their journey in the world of the film industry, however, also happens to those who have even received a statuette with the Academy Awards.