Rest on the Volga

The summer vacation period is approaching and, in fact, has already started: students and schoolchildren have a vacation, exhausted office employees finally wait for such a welcome vacation, and indeed who doesn’t dream of relaxing in the summer, gaining strength, sunbathing and reveling enough, traveling and gaining new experiences?

Volga Cruises

To the question - where to go in the summer? - most of us will answer: “Of course, to the Volga!” And rest on the Volga in the summer of 2015 implies many opportunities. If finances allow, you can buy a tour from a cruise company and go on an amazing and beautiful journey along the great Volga mother aboard a comfortable river cruise liner.

Such fun may not be cheap and at the price it is quite capable of competing with tours, for example, in the Mediterranean. But this is a great opportunity to explore the picturesque expanses of his native country and start every day in a new place, having visited on a tight schedule in a whole series of ancient Russian cities. And with a great desire, you can find a tour even in accordance with your modest capabilities - there are also a lot of options. You can, for example, arrange a three-day “swim” from Saratov to Volgograd, or you can royally “swim” from Moscow to Astrakhan and back, which will take about 20 days. Three days there is a cruise "Moscow - Uglich - Moscow" or "Moscow - Tver - Moscow". And in 12-13 days you can, having sailed from Moscow, visit Yaroslavl, Uglich, Yaroslavl, Ples, Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Cheboksary, Ulyanovsk and Samara. A lot of impressions and discoveries are just guaranteed!

On a good cruise ship you kill several birds with one stone - here you can find comfortable cabins, excellent food, entertainments, excursions, and a lot of impressions - all in one bottle!

This season, it will be possible to go on a river cruise from Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Perm, Samara, Rostov-on-Don and other cities. Variants of river cruises through the famous cities of the Golden Ring — Novgorod, Uglich, Yaroslavl, Kostroma and Murom — are very popular.

Camps and resorts of Volga

If you prefer to stand firmly on the ground, and you are troubled by one kind of vast expanses of water, there are many other solutions. Holidays on the Volga are perhaps the most accessible at local camp sites and recreation centers, of which there are a great many.

The most famous sanatorium on the Volga is, without a doubt, the Volga Cliff. There is even the residence of the president. The prestigious balneological resort is located in a picturesque forest on the shore of the Zhiguli Sea (Kuibyshev Reservoir on the Volga). However, getting here is very difficult and you should take care of this in advance.

The unique charm of the Volga nature can be fully appreciated at the recreation center "Vasilievsky Islands" with comfortable two-story wooden cottages. Real log houses, while they have all the amenities. And of course, beautiful views of the river, islands, bays, clear, cool water, forest beauty.

You can go on vacation to Yuryevets, the homeland of Andrei Tarkovsky, who became known as Russian Ibiza. Here you will find snow-white yachts, and entire tent towns - for any wallet. You can sunbathe and gain strength on the Asaf Islands, however, it is better to take care of crossing to a wild beach in advance - a lot in the summer! Indeed, in season up to 2,000 vacationers are recruited on the nearest island. And no wonder - the nature and climate are perfect, there are no mosquitoes around the pine trees, and the sand is quartz, white. For this, the islands were nicknamed "Riga Seaside."

The recreation center “Lesnoy Ostrov” also welcomes vacationers - here it is mainly family vacations on the Volga that are appropriate here, because the local cottages seem to have come out of a fairy tale! You can choose any of four types: “Cottage”, “Manor”, ​​“Teremok” or “Expanse” - all made of natural wood, two-story. Inside there is wooden furniture, a fireplace or stove, all the necessary amenities, next to a bathhouse with a steam room, a Finnish sauna, a swimming pool. Around - mushrooms and berries, fishing, hunting, forest excursions, entertainment programs, from here you can even go on a tour of the cities of the Golden Ring.

Near the Astrakhan guests will find the recreation center “Dubravushka”: beautiful rooms, fishing on peals, a sauna, an outdoor pool with night illumination, sports grounds, barbecue facilities, a guarded pier and free parking, boat and boat rental, a cafe, a museum of wooden sculptures and a vast park area, and the city is only 8 km away.

Not far from Kostroma, an enviable vacation on the Volga in the summer will be offered by the Volzhsky Pribo Park Hotel, which has settled on the shore of a beautiful bay at the confluence of the Poksha River with the Volga - swim in two rivers at once! In addition, at your service are comfortable houses, an interesting excursion and sports program, a kids club, a grill cafe, a restaurant and much more.

30 km from Kostroma you can have a good rest in the sanatorium “Lunevo on the Volga”. On the picturesque bank of the river, it is built right in the middle of a pine forest and birch groves. There is an opportunity not only to go fishing and sunbathing, it is a real paradise for mushroom pickers, and lovers of excursions can go to Kostroma, Yaroslavl or Ples, and even to the amazing Sumarokovskaya moose farm! In addition, there is an excellent medical base, a boat station, a disco, tennis courts, sports grounds, secure parking and much more for a decent vacation.

The list of bases and rest homes can be continued and continued. The choice where to go is only yours!

Kanaka, Ples, Volga delta and other recreation places

Holidays on the Volga are also reserves and entire resort areas. The real resort region on the Volga is of course Kanaka. There is probably no such abundance of boarding houses anywhere - Volga, Green Hills, Orchid, Dnipro, Brigantine, Kanaka, Aquamarine. In recent years, many private pensions and mini-hotels have appeared here: "Caspian", "Barakat", "Valencia", "Cypress", "Grace yard", "Magnolia", etc. On the Kanak beam everything is for tourists: medical care, guarded parking lots, excursion programs, sports and water activities, playgrounds, wi-fi in the Caspian Sea and other useful things are provided.

On the Middle Volga in the Ivanovo region it is worth going to Ples - a city-reserve, a beautiful place where there is absolutely no public transport, but there are cozy coffee houses, restaurants, a country theater named after Chaliapin, and at the same time practically all types of “new” tourism - ethnic, ecological, rural and gastronomic.

Holidays on the Volga in the summer, as always, include trips to the Volga delta, famous for its endless lotus fields, which are part of the Astrakhan Biosphere Reserve. This is a spectacular sight and the largest flowering territories on the planet, covering hundreds of thousands of hectares! But the lotus is credited with amazing healing properties, and having visited its bloom for literally 2-3 days, having bathed in “lotus water”, you will feel a surge of strength, strengthen your immune system and nervous system, relieve stress, rejuvenate and say goodbye to many diseases. From Astrakhan, lotus fields can be reached in about an hour, and local tour operators organize one-day group tours to the fields. Do not miss this great opportunity, the experience will be for life!