Where to go to relax in Belarus?

Belarus is one of the few European countries where it is quite possible to fully relax, having spent a very modest amount. The peculiarity of the local rest is also that you can feel yourself almost simultaneously both in the distant Soviet past (which Russian tourists often want now, this is a kind of trend), and in a comfortable future, aspiring to the ideal.

The Soviet heritage coexists perfectly in Belarus with a completely European level of service, while local attractions and beauty will not be inferior to the picturesque landscapes of the same Italy or, for example, Switzerland.

The whole territory of the country is continuous natural, practically untouched by civilization beauty. And among all these vast forests, meadows, crystal clear rivers and lakes for many years and even decades a powerful sanatorium-resort base was cultivated and developed. This is the famous Belovezhskaya Pushcha, and the Berezinsky Reserve, and the Pole State Radiation-Ecological Reserve, which can boast the best recreational vacations in the near abroad. Rich in sanatoriums and resort complexes of Vitebsk and Minsk regions. And in the Gomel and Grodno regions to this day, a network of children's camps and sanatoriums is developing. Therefore, where to go to rest in Belarus, if you decide to go here, is not a question. You just need to choose the place that is most suitable for you.

Holidays in Belarus with children

Belarus has long been considered a great place for families and families with children. Many local health resorts try to focus on this, offering appropriate health and tourism programs.

A great option is local recreation centers, which offer city residents a vacation change of scenery after spending a couple of weeks, or even just a weekend, in the wild, in the woods, on the banks of a picturesque lake or river. A healthy diet, clean air and complete relaxation will benefit both children and parents.

Children love local national parks. This is the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve mentioned above, and the Narochansky, Pripyatsky, Bratislava Lakes parks that delight young tourists with their pristine, untouched nature and various curious things that will become a real discovery for kids.

Well, in winter, of course, all roads lead to Belovezhskaya Pushcha - the local residence of Santa Claus. During the week of rest, your child will have time to get a lot of new impressions - this is a variety of entertainment, contests and games, horseback riding, snowmen and snowballs, slides and fascinating performances, you can’t count!

Winter holidays in Belarus

As soon as we touched on winter vacations, it should be noted that the country has progressed noticeably - for over ten years now, lovers of alpine skiing and youth recreation, in particular, have been coming here from everywhere to drive on the beautiful “Logoisk” and “Silichy” tracks. These resorts are unlikely to be somewhat inferior to modern European ski resorts. Where to go to Belarus for inveterate skiers to have a rest? It is here, you will not regret it!

At the same time, a visa to Belarus is not needed, accommodation and meals will cost inexpensively, roads are equipped, all the necessary infrastructure is available. In addition, the winters here are mild, windless, with an average temperature of about –6 ºС. A true paradise for a Russian tourist!

By the way, local health resorts are especially active on the New Year and winter holidays, as well as Pancake week and St. Valentine's Day. Valentine, offering exciting entertainment and special wellness programs. For 7–10 days of rest, you can ride plenty not only on skis and skates, but also take part in fun competitions, and at the same time sightseeing tours to Minsk, Grodno, Brest, Gomel and other cities rich in sights.

In December, many people prefer to visit the center of active tourism "Yakut Mountains" near the village of Yakut, Minsk region. In the capital itself, in addition to Silichy, the Alpine Meadow ski center is also open.

Summer Holidays in Belarus

The most comfortable time for a summer vacation in Belarus is from mid-April to late September. As you can see, there is plenty of time, even if summer vacations do not shine for you.

Where to go to rest in Belarus at this time? Well, if you are lucky to get a summer vacation, then in June, for example, a great time for lovers of hiking and travel, as well as sightseeing trips to the most beautiful corners of Belovezhskaya Pushcha - the air is fresh and the sun is still not hot. You can go to famous historical places in Minsk, Mogilev or Vitebsk regions.

Holidays in July are clearly better spent at a forest lake or river, for example, at one of the well-equipped camp sites, such as the Sosnovy Bor and Yunost sanatoriums in the Minsk region or the Ozerny sanatorium in the Grodno region. All of them are open, by the way, all year round.

Active ecological tourism in August will be offered to you again by Belarusian tourist centers and recreation centers. Many days of hiking with tents and camping overnight in the open air is the dream of any traveler. But for supporters of a comfortable stay in the vicinity of almost any regional center, there are always open numerous pensions or mini-hotels, rest houses and motels.