Holidays in Belarus on the lakes

Rest on the lakes is a real business card of Belarus. And they are insanely beautiful! Formed several thousand years ago, local lakes are rightfully the subject of pride of local residents and popular tourist sites of numerous guests of the country. Among the most famous are Lake Naroch, as well as Sorochansky and Braslav Lakes. Where to go to relax in Belarus? Of course to the lakes!

Naroch is perhaps the most wonderful resort in Belarus. There are a lot of pensions, resorts and rest homes. In addition, in the neighborhood is another resort center - "Blue Lakes".

Braslavskie is a whole string of 50 lakes, the most beautiful of which are Tsno, Drivyaty, Nespish, Potsekh, Nedrovo, Voiso, Strust and Boloyso. There are also a lot of resort establishments for every taste, including children’s, as well as excellent fishing and the famous annual sailing regattas, attracting thousands and thousands of spectators.

Well, the Sorochansky lakes are a real find for lovers of pristine forests, untouched nature, breathtaking canyons and picturesque landscapes. The most beautiful lakes of the reserve are Tumskoye, Kaymenskoye, Yodi, Sparrow and Gubaza. The water in Yodi and Gubaza, for example, is so clear that you can see everything a few meters in depth. This is not only a matter of local pride, but also of close concern - motorboats and other water transport are prohibited here, even a special permission is required for a boat.